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Kubernetes controller

kubernetes-controller command runs Sloth as a controller/operator that will react on CRD.

In the controller mode, Sloth will be running listneing to Kubernetes Sloth SLO CR events and generate the required prometheus-operator CR rules

In the end, the controller mode makes the same work as the CLI however integrates better with a native Kubernetes flow.

Sloth CRD is required

$ kubectl apply -f ./pkg/kubernetes/gen/crd/sloth.slok.dev_prometheusservicelevels.yaml

Prometheus Operator Rules CRD is required

$ kubectl apply -f ./test/integration/crd/prometheus-operator-crd.yaml

Disable optimized rules

By default Sloth will try optimizing long time windows (e.g 30 day) by sacrificing data precision. If you want to disable this use --disable-optimized-rules.

Deploying in Kubernetes

Check Kubernetes installing section


# Run sloth controller.
$ kubectl create ns monitoring
$ kubectl apply -f ./deploy/kubernetes/raw/sloth.yaml

# Deploy some SLOs.
$ kubectl apply -f ./examples/k8s-getting-started.yml

# Get CRs.
$ kubectl -n monitoring get slos
NAME                   SERVICE           DESIRED SLOS   READY SLOS   GEN OK   GEN AGE   AGE
sloth-slo-my-se rvice   myservice         1              1            true     27s       27s

$ kubectl -n monitoring get prometheusrules
NAME                  AGE
sloth-slo-my-service  38s
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