• Simple, maintainable and understandable SLO spec.
  • Reliable SLO metrics and alerts.
  • Based on Google SLO implementation and multi window multi burn alerts framework.
  • Autogenerates Prometheus SLI recording rules in different time windows.
  • Autogenerates Prometheus SLO metadata rules.
  • Autogenerates Prometheus SLO multi window multi burn alert rules (Page and warning).
  • SLO spec validation (including validate command for Gitops and CI).
  • Customization of labels, disabling different type of alerts...
  • A single way (uniform) of creating SLOs across all different services and teams.
  • Automatic Grafana dashboard to see all your SLOs state.
  • Single binary and easy to use CLI.
  • Kubernetes (Prometheus-operator) support.
  • Kubernetes Controller/operator mode with CRDs.
  • Support different SLI types.
  • Support for SLI plugins
  • A library with common SLI plugins.
  • OpenSLO support.
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